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Stress and malnutrition

In all the articles mentioned here, I always talk about nutrition. Every person who is strict about proper nutrition that most of which is fresh uncooked fruits and vegetables does not need the assistance of dietary supplements. Their immune system is strong, they do...

The Coronavirus Virus

Forgive me, but I have no intention of taking part in the fear celebration that surrounds this subject. What we know for certain is that it is a very contagious virus… Rings a bell? To me it sounds like the flu, exactly the same thing just maybe a less sexy name....


Dimethyl Sulfoxide (or DMSO) is a liquid substance, a great solvent, and it was first synthesized in 1866 by a Russian scientist, Alexander Zaytsev. As aforementioned a great solvent has high penetrance abilities also through the skin. Includes in its makeup...


Many years ago, one of the important doctors in history said: it is better for a person to eat a little bit of poison every day than a lot of good things. From this statement, we can learn a lot: 1. The body has a great ability to clean/fix/heal itself—remove the...


Iodine is chemical substance whose chemical symbol is I and its atomic number is 53. Iodine can be derived from underground mines, directly from seawater or seaweed such as Kelp seaweed that gather it from seawater. Not all forms of iodine are healthy. In fact, iodine...

Vitamin C

Every time you mention Vitamin C, people think about citrus fruits in general and oranges in particular. It is unclear to people exactly what Vitamin C does, if we ask people on the street, they will say it strengthens the immune system, improves processes and so on....


Health = Food

If we get too much food, or food that gives our bodies the wrong instructions, we can become overweight, undernourished, and at risk for the development of diseases and conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. In short, what we eat is central to our health.

Hello, my name is Adam and I have been working for a long period of time in high-tech companies. There is no direct relation between high-tech and medicine and nutrition. My connection with this world began when I got a phone call from my older brother who told me that our father had collapsed at work, and after an initial checkup the situation doesn’t look good and there is a cancer scare. At that time my father and I were pretty estranged, we almost never spoke, and for very long periods of time we tried to avoid meeting each other... Read More >

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