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Hello, my name is Adam, and I have been working in high-tech companies for a long time. There is no direct relationship between high-tech and medicine and nutrition. My connection with this world began when I received a phone call from my older brother who told me that our father had collapsed at work, and after an initial checkup, the situation didn’t look good and there was a cancer scare. At that time, my father and I were pretty estranged—we almost never spoke, and for very long periods would avoid seeing each other. When I heard about my father’s health scare, I told my brother that if our father agreed, I would come with him to the meeting with the doctor the next day. After that, my brother spoke with my father and got his approval. The next morning, six members of our family—my father, my brother, my sister, an aunt, an uncle, and myself—met at the hospital and went in to see the oncologist. The doctor looked at us with helpless eyes and said, “There is cancer, lung, small cells, a big lump in the lung.” Everyone was in shock; I looked the doctor in the eyes, and I realized that nothing much could be done. She raised her voice and said as if trying to give us some kind of hope: “We will do another test, to check for metastasis, and then we will decide on an action plan. We will do chemotherapy, maybe a biological treatment, and we will see how the cancer reacts.” We got up, thanked her, and started to leave the office. I was the last to leave. When I saw that the room was empty, I went back inside to the doctor and closed the door. All the rest kept walking and didn’t notice. I asked the doctor directly and assertively, “How much time does he have?” She was silent for a second as if she understood that I was not going to cry and replied:

“Probably six months.

If he is really strong seven months.

If a great miracle happens to him, then one year.”

I thanked her and left the room. I didn’t say a word to anyone.

I work in high-tech, all day in front of the computer, so I started searching. I read the entire internet.

I called the first doctor, an expert in the field of lung cancer, who does experiments with patients, and we went to see him. My dad told him that he feels pain in the center of the chest. When the doctor saw the results of the tests, he made a few phone calls and took me to a side room. He told me that things were really bad. I checked to see if I could have my father participate in any of the ongoing human trials for medication and treatment, but the doctor told me that he didn’t have any active experiments going on.

The doctor opened a cabinet and said again, “Look, I am permitted to give a maximum of two of these,” as he took out a package of “lollipops” maybe thirty of them and told me “When your dad’s throat really hurts, he should put one of these in his mouth; it’s the strongest thing there is for pain.” He continued, “I can’t do anything more than your oncologist can at this point.”

I started going to doctors alone. I reached a doctor, a relatively young one, that everyone who recommended her to me claimed that she thinks differently, she is a genius, a rising star in oncologic medicine. She really was very nice, and I am not being cynical, but when she saw the results, she started screaming at me that my dad should have started chemotherapy yesterday, a week ago!

When I went to see other doctors, I realized that conventional medicine was not only going to cause my father terrible suffering, but it also had no ability whatsoever to cure him.

I started searching outside hospitals. I read articles from the ’60s, a bit before the drug companies took over the world of medicine. The material that was revealed to me was amazing. Within a week, I had discovered a whole new world of medicine, medicine that doesn’t harm the body, but strengthens it and makes it immune to invaders.

My father began very hard chemotherapy. After the treatments, he was put in quarantine, and I didn’t have enough knowledge and experience to treat him. I reached another person, who from what I saw treated in the style of the new medicine I had come to know. He saw me at his house, not far from where I worked. I knocked on the door, and was surprised when a man with unkempt hair and who looked a bit weird opened the door. Behind him, the house looked empty, with minimal furniture. He was a bit frightened, so I introduced myself. He told me, “Go get your father, and I will treat him. Stop the chemotherapy at once,” and mumbled a few other things. During the conversation, I understood that this man was really terrified of the medical establishment. I said goodbye to him and then ran to the internet to read a bit about him. I found out that the man had lost his wife and his home to a disease a few years prior at a hospital.

That evening I drove to the hospital and told my dad that I thought we needed to stop the chemotherapy treatments and try other therapies since he wouldn’t last following the conventional path. My father was an older man and did not know about other treatments and had not been exposed to the information that I was exposed to; moreover, he wasn’t in the room with me when the doctor said six months. He was scared and wanted to stay in the doctors’ hands.

Remember the evaluation of the oncologist?

He was very strong, but we didn’t get a miracle.

Seven months later, after severe agony, my father passed away.

Days passed. I kept reading in earnest about the new medicine I had come to know—I read articles, purchased books, followed therapists and doctors on social media who had written on the subject. I told everyone around me about the subject super enthusiastically, some ridiculed me, some said it made sense, but I just did my thing.

One day a friend came and asked me what to do about the recurring sores in my mouth. I recommended he purchase several dietary supplements and change his diet a bit. After a few months, he told me that it worked like a charm.

People turned to me for advice on what to do about their medical problems. They showed me blood tests and asked me how to help their children.

What I recommended simply worked for all of them. After a short while, I realized that I had vast knowledge on the subject, and I had helped cure a number of people, including a few severe joint problems that had led to many people completely stop exercising, a problem of a heat wound on the lips and more.

That’s it, that’s when I decided that I wanted to spread the knowledge and help people. While I’m still in high-tech, I am also here on this website, learning more and writing to you in a simple and direct way about how to be happy and healthy.

My latest project is an older woman with high blood pressure who takes pills with harsh side effects that harm her quality of life—we are still in the process. Sometimes, she calls to tell me about the positive results she has experienced since we started the process, always with great enthusiasm and with a great understanding that there is a process that is right and exact for her body.







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