Chronic lung block attack disease. The attacks are usually caused by allergies. Rubbery mucous is secreted from the trachea, blocks it up, and makes it difficult to release air from the lungs. Those who have asthma might suffer from severe shortness of breathing with “wheezing,” shortness of breath, chronic cough, and low heart-lung endurance.

Again, what’s written here will solve the problem or close to it but what’s for sure is that you will not need inhalers.

Sorry for being annoying: no milk or milk byproducts at all!
Reduce sugar and wheat products.

Vitamin D: By weight: 10kg—800 units
                                        30 kg—2500 un
                                        75kg and up 10,000 units

Vitamin C: 500 grams for 10 kg body weight divided by three throughout the day.

Fish oil or hemp oil: A teaspoon a day for a child and a tablespoon a day for an adult.

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