Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood on the artery walls. Very high blood pressure or very low blood pressure could lead to a disturbance in the functioning of the heart and lead to a worsening of the health.

Reduce sugar and other sweeteners: Refined sugars turn into triglycerides, which is fat in its problematic form.  No processed food and reduce breads and other carbohydrates.

Magnesium: A magnesium deficiency causes a surplus of calcium. It sinks in the blood vessels and it will be manifested in clots.

Vitamin D: A Vitamin D deficiency is one of the causes of atherosclerosis.

Vitamin C: 6 grams a day divided into 3-4 servings to reduce the free radicals.

10Q ubiquinol: To strengthen the heart muscle and to create energy.

Resveratrol: The substance in wine, from protein oxidation, that causes the stiffening of blood vessels, and as a result there is a relaxation of the blood vessels and it lowers blood pressure.

Again, your blood vessels have clogged over the years, and correcting it takes time, so keep at this over a long period of time and you will see anything from great improvement to full recovery.

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