Read and really internalize! What is written here is a formula for getting rid of cancer (doesn’t matter which type) with no side effects. Western medicine destroys the body with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery in hopes of stopping the cancer from spreading.

Remember—you starve cancer! Not kill/burn/poison!


A day of fasting: I expect that that after several hours of fasting, you will get a headache since the body is resting and can finally release toxins to the blood cycle on their way out of the body.

Organic vegetables (A must!) – Squeeze the vegetables into a juice. Preferable to use a slower juicer since that way most of the vitamins and minerals are kept. Why juice and not eat the vegetables? Because in the vegetables there are enzymes that know how to eradicate cancerous cells, and when drinking the juice, a lot more enzymes enter than while eating the vegetable itself. This is your only food; you will be cured and then you can decide what you feel like eating.

PH levels – Buy some PH paper and check the acidity of the urine. The goal is for you to reach around 8. It is very hard for cancer to live in low acidity (meaning in a basic area). Buy aluminum-free baking soda (very important), and then add a teaspoon into a glass of water and drink. When you pee, check the urine again using PH paper, and continue in this way until you balance your PH to 8. Do not drink more than one glass of baking soda at a time.

Vitamin B17

Vitamin D – Prevents the cancer from forming blood vessels for itself and sending metastasis to the rest of the body. Preferably from plant-based sources. Ingest the following based on your weight for a month and then reduce the amount by a half: 50 kilos 10,000 international units, 70 kilos 15,000 units, 100 kilos 20,000 units. Once about every 3 weeks skip a day.

Vitamin C – There is no exact amount to take, so start from 1000mg times five times a day and start increasing the amount every time. If you have diarrhea, you reduce the amount and not increase as this is the maximum amount that can be taken a day. 4 times 5 you can stop anyway.

DMSO – Apply on the area, while massaging and penetrating the substance to the skin, once a day. Ensure maximal cleanliness.

Iodine – Start from one drop in a glass of water and go up slowly to 4 drops in a glass of water. After a month and a half go back to one drop.

No deodorants, no toothpaste, you can use natural and organic soap and shampoo only—if possible homemade, preferable.

Breathing – to increase the intracellular respiration—sit down, if possible, on the ground in the yard (not mandatory), you can close your eyes if it works for you. Breathe in such a way that you inhale for 3-5 seconds through the nose. You should feel the air reaching your stomach and filling it in the lower part. Exhale through the mouth slowly for 7 seconds. Breathe like this for a few minutes.

Yoga – Always welcome.

Super important recommendation!!! Cancer in all cases starts from a mental problem, something that doesn’t give you rest, a dream you didn’t fulfill, an extremely bad relationship you are in, or any other problem that is always in your mind. Treat it, deal with it! How? Find a therapist that will solve the issue with you, a classic psychologist has a tendency to treat these issues for a period of time that’s too long in my opinion, but there are endless types of treatment, try them and stick with the one you connect with the most.

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