Forgive me all of those sick with Crohn’s, but there isn’t really such a disease. I know you suffer and greatly so, but you also know that when you relax with the amounts of food, the symptoms are greatly reduced. I’ve spoken to many people who have Crohn’s disease, and everyone at some point in the conversation has claimed that they have it pretty much under control, and they know if they will experience an attack soon (based on the type of foods they’ve eaten recently).

So, am I suggesting that you stop eating? Not at all, in fact as long as you’re hungry eat.


Stop with milk and all its products with no exceptions, not reduce but stop!

Reduce sugar as much as possible (stop drinking sweetened drinks!).

Reduce breads and carbohydrates.

Reduce coffee.

What to eat: Fruits, vegetables.

Quality fish and meat (maximum 3 times a week).

To cure the inflammation, add Vitamin C from an external source in high amounts. How much? At least 3 grams, 4 times a day.

If you are not exposed to the sun during the day, add Vitamin D to strengthen the overall immune system. How much? About 5000 international units for every 45 kilos. 75-100 kilos can easily take 10,000 units.

Two drops of iodine for two months—Lugol Iodine 5%

Magnesium 400 mg a day

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