The flu is the most exact way to know what your physical condition is in. If the flu passes after two or three days, then your overall health condition is very good. If you have a fever for a continuous period, not intermittent fever (37-38° C) that goes up and down, that’s excellent, since it shows the ability of the immune system to fight invaders.

Natural immunization for the flu (and for the immune system in general):

Reduce sugar in your diet. I’m not even going to talk about soft drinks, just no, and definitely not diet or zero.

Hydrogen peroxide 3% – 2 drops in each ear.

Vitamin C 1000 mg a day, every day

Supplement EPICOR.


Already caught the flu?

First thing – stop eating, nothing but water.

Hungry anyways? Nothing but organic fruits and vegetables, fresh and washed.

Increase your pace of drinking Vitamin C. How much? The more, the better? 4, 5, 6, 7 grams for 5 times a day. If diarrhea starts, then reduce the amount slightly.

Zinc – 30 mg a day, recommended with added copper. It usually comes in 1 mg copper to 15 mg zinc. Start the winter this way for a month and a swallow half a capsule a day to ensure a more immune winter.

Do not lower the fever-reducing pills, drink lots of water and nothing but water.

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