Where there is no hair on your head, no cream or supplement will make your hair grow out of nothing. You can strengthen your existing roots, stop the loss, and thicken your hair. You can also bring your hair to its maximal growth state.

Physical exercise has been proven in endless research to positively affect the body in general and hair growth in particular.
DMSO in its basic form should be applied to the a clean scalp while massaging and penetrating the substance.
MSM: MSM powder with added sulfur contributes to normalizing different bodily functions, activity of antioxidants and many more important reactions in the body. Will also have a positive effect on nail growth.
Vitamin D: 10,000 units a day. Once in two weeks skip a day.
Hair nourishment oil /cream: After a two-week treatment with DMSO, you start treatment with hair nourishment ingredients. Apply it at night and sleep with it on your head, wash in the morning. For two weeks straight. And then every week, apply DMSO for two days  and then nourishment substance for two days (not together!). When the hair fills out, you can reduce the dosage to once a month.
Biotin: 10,000.
Vitamin C: three times a day.
Eat. A lot of vegetables, fruits, almonds, and nuts.

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