From the group of the degenerative diseases that affect the motor neurons. These diseases are rare and incurable.

Your body is falling apart and in fact you are getting closer to the worst of all.

What do you do? You fill the storage of vitamins and minerals in the body and don’t let any toxins in.

Iodine: 2 drops in a glass of water

Vitamin D: 10,000 units a day (preferable plant- based)

Vitamin C: 4 grams, 4 times a day

Magnesium: 400 mg a day

Vitamin B Complex:

Hemp oil: One spoonful every day for adults

Nutrition: Nothing but organic fruits and vegetables, a little bit of almonds and nuts.

No coffee or juice, only water. You can have fruit juices and organic fruit.

No meat, dough, sugar, milk.

No toothpaste, no deodorants.

Physical exercise: As much as you reasonably can, every day exert yourself a little bit.

Heal yourself and then you can decide what you feel like eating and what you don’t.

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