Iodine is chemical substance whose chemical symbol is I and its atomic number is 53. Iodine can be derived from underground mines, directly from seawater or seaweed such as Kelp seaweed that gather it from seawater.
Not all forms of iodine are healthy. In fact, iodine comes in a variety of shapes and some of them are poisonous. Everything I have shared here talks only about Lugol’s solution.
Iodine’s most well-known function is in the thyroid gland, which in fact contains mainly iodine. The iodine in the gland is a main ingredient in creating the thyroid hormones. These hormones regulate the metabolism of the entire body. An iodine deficiency may cause diseases that are related to the thyroid gland such as an underactive or an overactive gland. A deficiency probably also contributes to autoimmune diseases of the thyroid gland, such as Graves and Hashimoto’s.

The function of iodine in the development of the brain and intelligence is so fundamental that the World Health Organization defines a deficiency in iodine as the most significant cause of mental retardation in the world.

One of the amazing abilities of iodine is releasing toxins from the body, that for the body are extremely difficult to almost impossible to release without a serious added amount of iodine.
The symptoms that may occur from adding iodine come mainly from the fact that iodine releases toxins in the body from their place and those start to go around the blood cycle, while the body is trying to get rid of them through every possible channel. These toxins include the halogens fluoride and bromine as well as other toxic metals that have sunk in the tissues.

People who have undergone adding iodine report higher energy levels, internal happiness, less need for sleep without feeling tired throughout the day and many more positive feelings, including curing problems they have been dealing with for years.

Adding iodine needs to be done very carefully since there is a very long list of symptoms that may occur during adding, some of them severe. The list includes confusion, tiredness, blurry vision, drowsiness, dizziness and more.

It is hard to say what the right amount is for each person when adding, but according to research, the amount is about 12-50mg, and it takes approximately 3 months of adding 50 mg to reach iodine transpiration in the entire body, and then you can reduce to a maintenance amount based on need. For those whose body is full of toxins; it is possible that transpiration will occur after a longer period of time. The maintenance amount is also different from one person to another and it should be determined after reaching whole body transpiration. Anyways since iodine is an essential food, keep on adding the right dosage for the rest of your life.
Start from one drop of iodine in a glass of water for a week and increase by one drop every few days until you reach 50mg. Monitor the side effects and if needed delay the increase in dosage by several additional days. After three months (at least 2.5 of full amount), you stop and take once every two weeks off for maintenance of the body.
In order to support the body while adding and dealing with the side effects, we recommend using the following supplements.

Selenium: Prevents oxidative damage while releasing the toxins (200-400 micrograms).
Magnesium: Involved in energy processes in the body as well as in reactions of other enzymes (400-1200 mg).
Vitamin C: Helps the cells absorb the iodine and functions as an antioxidant that supports neutralizing toxins in the body (3,000-10,000 mg).
Vitamins B2/B3 as ATP Cofactors: Improve the symptoms as far as tiredness, brain fog, and muscle pain that characterize the process.
100 mg Riboflavin (B2) 500mg niacin (B3) from a type that does not cause flushing (inositol hexanicotinate).

Non-purified salt: 1/2 teaspoon and more Atlantic sea salt or Himalaya salt. Do not use purified or whitened table salt. Helps the iodine be absorbed into the cells as well as bromide (the reaction of the iodine) comes out of the body while they are being released.

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