These pains start mostly due to over-inflammation in the body. At first, you need to stop the infection and of course treat the symptoms.

Without nutritional treatment, the pain will not go away for good, the supplements I’ve listed below will relieve the pain and improve the inflammation level but as long as we keep putting junk in the machine (the body), it will creak!

Nutrition: No milk or milk byproducts! Fish and meat maximum 5 times a week, less is preferable. Sugar as little as possible (preferably not at all).

Vitamin D: To increase the health and elasticity of the bones. 10,000 units a day. Once every approximately 20 days miss a day.

Vitamin C: To treat infections and excess inflammation, I recommend a gram 3 times a day.

Magnesium: 400 mg a day, once a month skip a day.

MSM powder: Take the amount written on the box for three months.

DMSO: Apply to hurting joints while penetrating into the skin. Only apply to clean body and with clean hands.

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