A typical migraine attack is of medium to strong pain level, lasts between 4-72 hours, and there are various symptoms: a throbbing headache, usually on one side of the head, accompanied with nausea and/or vomiting, extreme sensitivity to routine physical exercise or even avoiding this kind of activity, extreme sensitivity to light and noise. Conventional medicine has no answer for migraines except for strong pain killers.

No milk and or milk byproducts.
Reduce sugar.

Take magnesium taurate—since in my humble opinion it has the best absorption.

Stop brushing your teeth with toothpaste—toothpaste has fluoride in it and in most people this is definitely a severe cause of migraines. Regardless, toothpaste also contains ingredients not for consumption and we brush our teeth and gums with them, most of the time even bleed a little bit, which causes all of these substances to enter directly into our blood circulation and add to the amount of toxins in our body.

You are all welcome to test me. In one month, the situation will greatly improve (no dairy at all!!!). In four months maximum, you will no longer have migraines.

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