Myoma / fibroid in the womb is a benign tumor (non-cancerous) that develops on the muscular uterine wall. Anywhere from 20-50% of women in child-bearing age suffer from myomas, indeed in many cases the myoma does not cause problems. The cause of the problem is hormonal imbalance.


  1. Enzymes break down the inflammation and in fact support the healing process: 3 pills, 3 times a day at least half an     hour before you eat or 2 hours after you eat—meaning on an empty stomach, to be taken with water obviously. 
  1. Liposomal Curcumin: Strengthens the body and supports the entire breakdown of the inflammation to the blood           circulation.
        1 – 2 pills a day.
  2. Hormone balance cream

   A quarter to half a teaspoon. Apply wherever you want—hands, legs, stomach.

  1. Lugol’s Iodine 5%
        Start by applying one drop a day wherever you want (preferably on the legs since it leaves a mark)
        After 3 days, one drop in a glass of water, and after 3 more days, 2 drops, and then three days later, 3 drops in a glass        of water.
        Once you reach three drops in a glass of water and after two and a half weeks, you decrease to one drop in a glass.
       Take this 3 times a day: First thing in the morning, 12:00 noon, and in the afternoon/ evening (about 5:00 p.m.)
        You drip one drop into a glass of water and drink. Not juice!
  2. Multivitamin: In order to support the iodine and everything the body excretes because of it.
        It contains Vitamin C (500mg) and a little bit of Vitamin D so there is no problem taking more Vitamin C and D.
        3 pills twice a day.

Food: Do not ingest starchy carbs such as white rice, bread, pastas, cakes, and grains. Reduce milk and, if possible, stop altogether until the end of the treatment. Drink water all the time, check the acidity of the urine using PH paper. Because of the breakdown of the inflammation, it is expected that the acidity will increase. By adding baking soda (aluminum-free of course) to a glass of water, you can balance the acidity.

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