You are pregnant? Congratulations. Here are simple instructions on how to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes (diabetes in pregnancy), premature birth, and fetal defects as well as vaginitis and all sorts of diseases in the newborn.

Vitamin D: 10,000 units a day. Every two weeks skip one day.
Iodine: 1-2 drops a day—after a month move to one drop twice a week.
Vitamin C: In the first trimester, 1 gram three times a day
In the second trimester—2 grams times three times a day.
In the third trimester and after the birth—3 grams three times a day.
Vitamin K2: 180-200 micrograms for every 1,000 units of Vitamin D. According to our calculations, 1.5 grams will be enough.
Fish oil: triglycerides
Vitamin B12
Folic acid

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