There are many types of fungal infections, most of them are from the tinea versicolor type. Usually the doctor asks to stay away from sun, and prescribes a treatment that combines special shampoos, ointments, and even pills. Many times, the fungal infection comes back. What I suggest is the daily use of high-quality Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO). Just apply the substance until absorption into the skin. I recommend checking the scalp and if there is a trace of fungus there, then be sure to apply it to the scalp as well. Pay attention! Only apply the substance on very clean skin that has been washed well with water free of the residue of soap and shampoo. Plus, the hands applying the product must be washed and clean also. The substance that penetrates the cells in the body assists in the healing process, infections will also enter the cells if the area is not very clean.

Fungus love gluten, so minimize doughs, sugar, and milk.

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