In all the articles mentioned here, I always talk about nutrition. Every person who is strict about proper nutrition that most of which is fresh uncooked fruits and vegetables does not need the assistance of dietary supplements. Their immune system is strong, they do not have digestion problems, muscle problems or any other medical issue. Food is a large and important part of our health. Of course, there are other parameters such as stress, air pollution and so on.
Since I work in high-tech, I know and understand that it is hard to stick to optimal diet and surroundings, there are people whose schedule is stressful and does not enable proper nutrition, days pass and that situation continues over long periods of time.
I recommend to these people, who cannot under no circumstances change their lifestyle, to get assistance from the nutritional supplements listed below. Those who will not do it and will not improve their lifestyle will be continuously exposed to medical issues.
1. Curcumin – anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous
2. Hemp oil – the best plant-based source for Omega 3 fatty acids
3. Vitamin C – antioxidant and destroys invaders to the body.
4. EpiCor – protects from bacteria and viruses
5. Co-Enzyme 10Q – strengthens the heart muscles and activates the energy in all the cells of the body.
6. Vitamin D – strengthens the immunes system, very important for the health of the bones.
Of course, I recommend to eat a little bit and not to overload the body with non-quality food, eat if you’re hungry and stop before your stomach hurts.

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