Every time you mention Vitamin C, people think about citrus fruits in general and oranges in particular. It is unclear to people exactly what Vitamin C does, if we ask people on the street, they will say it strengthens the immune system, improves processes and so on. So here I would like to make something clear—Vitamin C has so many positive characteristics but its strongest characteristic and the reason that makes me use it for many diseases and problems is that it simply “murders” bacteria and viruses. Yes, murders, but causing damage to the body whatsoever, on the contrary, it only contributes to it. Modern medicine will prescribe antibiotics in order to treat bacteria and viruses, unlike antibiotics that causes damage to the body and cannot be given in too large an amount, Vitamin C is much stronger and has no side effects, except for a few cases of people who suffer from kidney failure to the point of dialysis and those who have a deficiency in G6PD enzyme.
Basically what I’m trying to say is that Vitamin C can help significantly and even solve problems and diseases that scare us, e.g., jaundice, flu, streptococcal infections, polio, measles cough and so on.

Most animals produce a certain amount of Vitamin C – in their liver or kidneys. When we check the levels of Vitamin C that these animals produce every day, we see that they produce between hundreds of mgs on a quiet and healthy day, and up to many dozens of grams (a day based on need) in situations of injury, sickness, stress such as when escaping a predator, fighting and so on. The goat is the animal that knows how to produce the largest amounts and it produces approximately 13 grams a day of Vitamin C and can reach a production level of 100 grams! A day in situations of stress or disease.
One of the doctors who used Vitamin C in treatment was Dr. Cathcart, who treated a variety of diseases using high dosages of the vitamin on the body.

You need to divide the daily dosage into the number of units per day and in this way consume each time.

sickdailySeveral servings a day
Normal condition4-154-6
A slight cold30-606-10
Severe colds60-100+8-15
Intestinal Viruses (ECHO)100-1508-20
Viral pneumonia100-200+12-25
Hay fever, asthma15-504-8
Food allergy and environmental factors0.5-504-8
Burn, injury, surgery25-150+6-20
Anxiety, physical exercise, mild sting15-254-6
Vertebral inflammation (Ankylosing spondylitis)15-1004-15
 (Reiter’s syndrome)15-604-10
Acute inflammation of the grapevine30-1004-15
Rheumatoid arthritis15-1004-15
Bacterial infection30-200+10-25
Infectious hepatitis30-1006-15

Vitamin C is non-toxic but taking too large an amount will cause diarrhea. This is not dangerous and in the first time it’s even healthy since the vitamin also reaches the lower part of the stomach and the entire large intestine.
There are many types of Vitamin C, and when taking large dosages, you need to check that the substance contains nothing but Vitamin C and is not part of a complex of other vitamins and minerals, not every vitamin can be consumed in such amounts.
There is no advantage whatsoever to taking plant-based Vitamin C, on the contrary, its absorption is lower and it is less effective. Using synthetic Vitamin C is completely safe.

There is another type of Vitamin C, and it is called Liposomal Vitamin C. It is a vitamin that in a special process was mixed with fat (phospholipid) to create fat molecules in the shape of hollow globules that contain the vitamin inside them. In this form, the vitamin reaches maximum absorption in the cells, it almost never causes diarrhea even in huge amounts and the power of this vitamin is even higher absorption than giving it directly into the vein. There is no need to use Liposomal Vitamin C since it is very expensive. What you can do is keep one at home and use it only in case of emergencies, especially in children, when it is hard to give them large amounts of capsules and liquids.

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